Dear Tiger Family:

I trust that you’ve had a great week and look forward to enjoying your weekend.  Just wanted to touch basis with you and provide some updates. 

Our knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 virus continue to evolve as protocols and plans are updated when information becomes available.  Since the approval of Allendale County School District’s Re-Opening Plan, more COVID-19 data have been released and various data models have been created to include the daily tracking of positive cases within school buildings in South Carolina.

Directives from the South Carolina Department of Education have encouraged districts to look beyond the DHEC Disease Activity report when making current decisions about the instructional method and make modifications with the district-approved re-opening plan, which allows students to return to school face-to-face. Thus, after reviewing our students’ data, following DHEC disease activity reports, and speaking with parents in the community, hybrid students will begin a 4-day a week, face-to-face instructional model effective November 16, 2020.  

For those virtual students who wish to switch from virtual to hybrid (4 days a week), administrators will try to accommodate them on a first-come-first served basis.  However, when principals reach the 50% capacity in each class, they will not be able to accommodate additional students.  The district will revisit the reentry plan again at the end of Semester 1 (January 22, 2021).  If the coronavirus spread is low across the board, all students will return five days a week.   

Please know that the district will continue to follow DHEC guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of all students and staff.  Addressing the academic slide our students are experiencing on the virtual platform is definitely a concern and providing them with four days of face-to-face instruction, in a safe environment, will improve student academic outcomes.  

Together, we are stronger.  Go Tigers!

Dr. Gilmore

View pdf of this letter here.