School Reopening Survey

This spring, the students of Allendale County Schools experienced an immeasurable disruption to learning and daily life. ACS teachers, parents, caregivers and guardians partnered to develop and deploy resources to meet the academic, social and emotional needs for students. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman convened the AccelerateED task force. The task force was composed of educators and administrators. AccelerateED was charged with studying barriers to school operations and student learning during the COVID-19. Providing recommendations on how schools and districts can best meet the needs of struggling learners in the summer and restart the state’s public education system in the fall was the focus of the task force. 

The AccelerateED recommendations are made based upon the information presently available, but represent a snapshot in time; therefore, they may need to be reconsidered, revised or altered at a future date. 

Allendale County Schools has developed a reopening team made up of administrators, staff, parents, and students.

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View AccelerateED Task Force Guidance and Recommendations for 2020-21 School Year here: