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LNS Director's Welcome

over 2 years ago

Mrs. Edna Youmans

Hello, I'm Edna Youmans, Director of Little New Steps Childcare Center. On behalf of my staff and myself, I would like to welcome everybody back to our website for the 2016-2017 School Year. Come take a look and see what LNS is all about. We are now partners with Early Head Start. We hope you enjoy your web browsing experience with us.  


Phone: (803) 584-4072 (0ffice) or Cell (803) 686-0792, (803) 300-0388

Email: Email Edna

Site Location:3896 Bluff Road

Allendale, S.C., 29810 

Phone (803) 584 - 4072 or (803) 584-5307

Fax (803) 584 - 4855

Little New Steps Staff

about 1 year ago

Little New Steps Staff

Edna Youmans…….Director/Coordinator

Janice Devore……...Food Preparer /Office Clerk 

Carrie Mixson………. (Room A-0) EHS Teacher

Lakeisha Priester…………(Room A-0) EHS Teacher

Charmaine Elmore…….(Room A-0) Teacher

Racheal  Gill……. (Room B-1) EHS Teacher

Lottie Aiken………(Room B-1) EHS Teacher

Annie Berry…….. Grandparent/Teacher

Bessie Grant……Grandparent

M. Brown ...... Grandparent

Karen Jenkins...... Parent Advocator

updated 4/20/18

News From EHS Classroom B-1 Gill/Aiken/Gray

about 1 year ago

Information from the 1 year old class

The new school year has begun and the toddlers are on there way to learning. They are excited and enjoying their new environment. The toddlers are having fun exploring the class room and getting to know there teachers ms.gill, mrs. gray and grandma binns. We have lots of fun activities plan for the students. The students have the opportunity to  visit the Allendale county library on Friday’s. The teachers will be working daily on all stages of development and are asking parent’s to assist the toddlers with their homework each night. Parent teacher involvement is very important in the growth and learning development of each child. We will continue to love them, read to them, play with them, sing to them, listen to them and teach them daily here at little new steps.



News From EHS Classroom A-0 Mixson/Priester/Elmore

about 1 year ago

We want to welcome everybody back for the 2013-2014 School Year. We here in the infant’s room plan on having a successful and fun-filled year. We understand that your child comes to us with unique experiences, interests and learning styles. Our goal is to truly get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to guide, support and motivate him or her. We believe that good teaching requires continual professional development, personal reflection and collaboration between teachers and parents. We value parent involvement and encourage you to partner with us to give your child an exceptional and rewarding learning experience. Below are some things you can do at home to help your child.

  • Read to your child and allow him or her to look at books and reading materials daily.
  • Ask your child about his/her day and take an interest in what he/she is learning. Just because his/her language is not fully developed that does not mean that he/she doesn’t understand or comprehend simple words. The more words infants and toddlers hear helps with their communication and language skills.
  • Make sure he/she gets enough sleep.
  • Set limits on the amount of television your child watches.
  • Make sure your child has enough to eat and that the food is healthy. 

News From LNS Classroom C-2

about 1 year ago

Information from the 2 Year Old Class

Ms. Elmore, Mrs. Walls and Grandparent/Caregiver Mrs. Roberts along with their students would like to welcome everyone to the two year old class. At this age, our students are making new discoveries daily and getting to know their teachers. We are introducing them to a fun-filled world of learning, sharing, and exploring as they begin to express their individuality. Our teaching approach is based on the viewpoint that children learn best through hands-on experiences. So, each day is filled with fun activities that excite and help our students develop in ways that give them the comfort and confidence to grow and develop both cognitively and socially.  We often provide activities in our lesson plans that correspond to the seasons. One of the activities that the students did this month was make pumpkin mask; that they could wear to Little New Steps’ Fall Carnival. They all enjoyed the process of making the masks. They particularly enjoyed painting the mask, and then showing them off.